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Bienvenue sur Nick Robinson World, votre source française sur l'acteur. Révélé par la sitcom Melissa & Joey, Nick a été vu plus récemment dans The Kings of Summer, Jurassic World, La 5éme vague et Everything Everything. Il sera prochainement à l'affiche des films "Love, Simon", "Strange But True" et "Krystal". Retrouvez ici toute son actualité. Excellente visite à tous.
16 Mar 2018
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GQ: What is it like being Nick Robinson right in this very moment?
Nick Robinson: Controlled chaos would be a good way to describe it. Although they might be the two words to describe my life all the time, but especially right now.

Was your life controlled chaos in high school?
I like to think now I put a lot of emphasis on balance. I mean there are moments of chaos, but it’s balanced by moments of serenity or reflection. I might have a very messy room, but the rest of the house is clean. In high school I was similar. High school is chaotic enough as it is, but I probably did help it along a little bit. I went to a few different schools—I bopped around a bit, and I think I got pretty good at fitting in and finding different groups that I could hang out with. In one way that’s a great thing, and in other ways not so much. You lose, I think, the consistency and the depth of relationships that you would have if you were to stay at one place all four years.


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