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Dernières photos ajoutées à la galerie

  Joyeux anniversaire Nick!   //     sonny   //     22 Mar 2021

Aujourd’hui est un jour spécial. Nick Robinson fête ses 26 ans !

  Wonderland Magazine   //     sonny   //     19 Déc 2020

Nick est en couverture de l’édition d’hiver du magazine Wonderland.

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  Events – Mars 2020   //     sonny   //     14 Mar 2020

Dior & Sotheby’s evening celebrating contemporary curated (04.03.20) :

Samsung x thom browne – galaxy z flip thom browne edition unveil event (12.02.20) : / Fresh Face : Nick Robinson   //     sonny   //     23 Nov 2019


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  GQ Korea   //     sonny   //     23 Mai 2019

Nick est en couverture du magazine GQ Korea pour son numéro du mois de juin 2019. L’acteur est photographié par Shin Sunhye et habillé par la marque Dior. J’espère pouvoir vous partager les photos en HQ, bientôt.

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  Photoshoot – John Russo   //     sonny   //     25 Août 2018

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  Derniers photoshoots   //     sonny   //     14 Avr 2018

Depuis le début de l’année, Nick enchaîne les séances photos et ce n’est pas pour nous déplaire! Retrouvez toutes ses dernières photos sur la galerie du site.

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  Nick pour L.A Times   //     sonny   //     17 Mar 2018

« Have you been to Echo Park Lake? You wanna go down there? » Nick Robinson asks. He’s finished his cortado, a frothy espresso drink that became his go-to coffee order after a trip to Spain a few years ago, and says it’s nice outside — not too cold.

So we leave the Woodcat Coffee Bar, and I throw my bag into my car before we head to the lake. The actor checks out the stuff in the back seat, observing bulk-size quantities of Special K and Lysol wipes.

« Did you just go to Costco? » he says. « I love Costco. I just find it very calming, for some reason. The best time to go is, like, a Wednesday at 2 o’clock. You have the whole place to yourself. You don’t have to wait for the free samples. And you can buy a bunch of [crap] you don’t need, but you’re like, ‘Wow, this is a great deal.' »


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  Nick pour Wonderland Magazine   //     sonny   //     17 Mar 2018

If Nick Robinson hadn’t been cast opposite Sabrina the Teenage Witch in agreeable American sitcom Melissa & Joey circa 2010 — later as the protagonist in Rob Reiner’s addiction drama Being Charlie, then as the Olly to Amandla Stenberg’s Maddy in last year’s pastel-fronted Everything, Everything — there’s every chance his trajectory would have been anchored in history. “I think the turn of the 20th century is very interesting,” he tells me over the phone from the Dominican Republic. “The ideas, the technology — you still had a very antiquated world view and a lot of antiquated customs — yet they had airplanes.”

It’s present day 2018, and the actor and I have battled a dodgy connection to discuss his latest picture, Love, Simon; the big screen adaption of Becky Albertalli’s YA novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which drops in the US today. Directed by Greg Berlanti (whose previous credits include the similarly teen-centric Dawson’s Creek and Riverdale), the film tells the story of Simon Spier, a closeted gay high schooler whose sexuality is unceremoniously revealed online.


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  Nick pose et parle pour GQ   //     sonny   //     16 Mar 2018

GQ: What is it like being Nick Robinson right in this very moment?
Nick Robinson: Controlled chaos would be a good way to describe it. Although they might be the two words to describe my life all the time, but especially right now.

Was your life controlled chaos in high school?
I like to think now I put a lot of emphasis on balance. I mean there are moments of chaos, but it’s balanced by moments of serenity or reflection. I might have a very messy room, but the rest of the house is clean. In high school I was similar. High school is chaotic enough as it is, but I probably did help it along a little bit. I went to a few different schools—I bopped around a bit, and I think I got pretty good at fitting in and finding different groups that I could hang out with. In one way that’s a great thing, and in other ways not so much. You lose, I think, the consistency and the depth of relationships that you would have if you were to stay at one place all four years.


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