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Dernières photos ajoutées à la galerie

  Nick pour L.A Times   //     sonny   //     17 Mar 2018

« Have you been to Echo Park Lake? You wanna go down there? » Nick Robinson asks. He’s finished his cortado, a frothy espresso drink that became his go-to coffee order after a trip to Spain a few years ago, and says it’s nice outside — not too cold.

So we leave the Woodcat Coffee Bar, and I throw my bag into my car before we head to the lake. The actor checks out the stuff in the back seat, observing bulk-size quantities of Special K and Lysol wipes.

« Did you just go to Costco? » he says. « I love Costco. I just find it very calming, for some reason. The best time to go is, like, a Wednesday at 2 o’clock. You have the whole place to yourself. You don’t have to wait for the free samples. And you can buy a bunch of [crap] you don’t need, but you’re like, ‘Wow, this is a great deal.' »


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